What a difference a week makes

14 days tomorrow since Carly arrived. I actually feel quite humbled to think that I am in charge of this magnificent creature and she is still alive. In fact, I am totally in awe of her. Every day I go up to the stables mostly twice a day to feed her and brush her and ride her and I actually feel I am building that bond with her. Last Saturday I had a lesson with her and it was amazing but now I actually feel I am connecting with her. I can't canter. For some reason my positioning is all out and the minute she goes into canter I lose a stirrup and panic but it will come......

I wasn't well last week which didn't help the Carly situation. I had some kind of flu bug. I thought it was covid but no ..... however I was quite poorly and I think the whole Carly thing overwhelmed me ... and , don't get me wrong I still have get up in the morning and think yikes .... but now its more an excited yikes rather than a fuck yikes.

Now, I haven't had a glass of wine this week although quite frankly it has been tough ... but I haven't. One thing I have realised though is I may be poor (most people who own horses are poor ) and quite honestly I don't think I will ever be rich again! However I remembered how absolutely crucial your health is. Yes last week I was ill but on top of that I had a very big flare up. I suffer with a condition called Fibromyalgia and it affects my joints and muscles all over my body. It is aggrivated with changes of weather, humidity and stress. However I think the stress of buying the horse and being ill with that flue thing , caused a bad flare up so on top of sounding like a fog horn and having a nose that was running faster than niagra falls, I basically couldn't walk properly either, So I looked like your average 80 year old crone hobbling about the place feeling very sorry for myself. The flare up has died down now with the help of medication, but it always makes me appreciate how valuable our health is. We are basically nothing without it and all the money in the world sometimes can't make us better.

Now I know I have a good life, a comfortable life. Yes I work hard but I have 5 wonderful kids (although 2 would argue that they are grown up )_ (Kids never grow up). I drive around in a nice newish car ( okay I don't actually own it .. but that's fine by me) I have my own horse, 5 dogs, 2 rabbits a nice house ...a husband and all of my friends. I have a lot and I am a lucky person. The point I am making is I know I am lucky.... every day I tell myself how lucky I am .. and I am grateful for what I have.

I have schooled Carly a few times this week. But mainly I spent my time getting to know her her. Not being so shit scared every time I have to stand next to her to brush her or pick her feet out and its working. Am getting used to going up to the farm every day now and factoring it into my day, either before work, after work, with or without dogs and kids, So, So far, so good..... I haven't fallen off, yet ,,,,, and things are good...... The Farrier is coming tomorrow to take more money off me for her shoes (more expensive than clarks!) and I am learning things at a rapid rate of knots, from how to clean tack to how to tie a hay net (my horse has 3 hay nets in her stable) how to test your horse for worms how tight or lose to wear a martingale (never knew what one was) and which way to wear your chaps.. (I put them on the wrong way the first time) much to the amusement of "old person at the yard" who enjoyed telling me, along with the fact that my horse "might have strangles, looks like she paces the stables and is possibly riddled with ulcers!" Have avoided said person for the most part of the week so feeling happy. Horse has not paced in the stable or done any other such annoying habits, She is displaying absolutely no signs of strangles or any other disease for that matter and her worm count was zero. New Kid on the block 1 - old girl on the Yard 0. All in all a successful first week. Kids are alive and happy (wonderful school report from littlest child also known as pimple on my bum. They have ironed ish clothes, and have been fed and loved for the most part. Hubby is happy as he never sees his wife lol and everything else is ticking along nicely........

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