What a difference a day makes

Well I did it. I got through a Friday night feeling a bit low and wanting a glass of wine but, I got through it and yes I am one happy girl today. No guilt when I got up. I managed a 5 mile walk / run with the two dogs and my little girl on her scooter! How amazing is that. Had a visit from my brother and I am now sat in Raglan Farm Park outside in the sunshine writing this blog having just eaten a sausage bap and a nice cup of coffee which , a I would never have done if I had been drinking as I would be saving ally calories for my wine tonight . I am learning slowly to appreciate the little things and enjoy them . Spending the day here, watching the kids play , eating food , chilling and reading my book. And , I have found a support group based in Swansea . Just women like me that want to stop drinking. They do zoom meetings and have guest speakers etc. Feeling good today 😊

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