Tuesday 25th February - Day 19

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Well today has started off really well. I have an unexpected 6 hours off work as the child I look after is not well. Michael and Neil are still away which has resulted in the house being more or less lovely and tidy. I went to bed last night with a large hot chocolate only to find my 4 year old Ailysha in my bed fast asleep sprawled our all over the middle. Lovely. Actually it was lovely and as I am so unaccustomed to having the bed to myself I decided to leave her there. When she woke up in the morning her words to me were "Well mummy, I tried my bed and it was too small, I then tried Michael's bed and it was too cold, but I went into your bed and it was jusssttttt right!" She must have been reading Goldilocks and the three bears in nursery yesterday!.

After the school drop off I came home and ambled about the house for a bit. Almost purchased a lovely looking pair of boots from a site called but quickly talked myself out of it as my other addiction appears to be shopping... mainly on Amazon but still....... and the brand new car that I have sat in my driveway is not going to pay for itself and so I quickly asked Alexa to continue with my story The sober diaries, as its so hilariously funny. Not sure what chapter I am on but she is going on about why some of us, me included, do not lose weight when we give up wine. In fact, last year I managed to put on a whole stone (which I still haven't managed to lose). Mainly because we substitute our additions with sugar. For me its chocolate and also drinking chocolate before I go to bed. However there is light at the end of the tunnel as eventually, after about 6 months, our bodies metabolism works itself out and we actually manage to lose weight. (Would definitely recommend reading her blog, and if I can every figure out this website I will put a link to it on here for you.

Anyway, back to today. What to do. Its pancake day and so I have to get my head around making zillions of pancakes for sugar crazed kids after school, however in our menu making last night at least its only beans on toast for tea or spaghetti for the fussy ones that don't like beans. Which leaves a whole 5 hours until school pick up. Really I should go to the gym, on the basis that I have paid for membership and haven't actually been for a week and I cant go tonight as we have a football meeting with Michael. I do have to walk the dogs but thats only going to take an hour.............. I can also spent a few hour on this website putting some more pages etc may even put some photos. Was going keep it anonymous and not put my name or anyone else name on it in case, god forbid someone in Usk actually sees it and reads it... however I have decided who cares? I am honest and I have nothing to hide .... well apart from my alcohol addiction, which I am trying to sort.... my shopping addiction, which I am also trying to sort. So from now on I will be honest and put my name ... which is Dawn by the way and I have then decided that if anything ever happens to me... god forbid, that someone will then show my children my blog and maybe then they will feel closer to me. It can be my legacy! Anyway I am off now to spend 5 hours doing something constructive. xxx

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