Today's audition

Yesterday I contacted an author who had requested a male narrator but I really wanted to narrate his book. It was about alcohol and the effect it has on people and as some people know it is a subject so close to my heart so I contacted him and asked him if I could audition. He agreed. He said that he did want a male as the author is male however he wanted to hear me so I have auditioned for it. I have put it on my page for people to listen to it. Its called "Finding your Sober Bubble" and it was amazing narrating it and I really want to get it even though I can see why he wants a male. let me know what you think I tried really hard and would be grateful for any feedback. Listening to audio while trying to give up alcohol is what go me through the first few weeks. So this audition is really important to me. - I didn't get the other one but apparently I was in the running as it was between me and another lady. Not bad considering I can't do a Scottish accent.

Anyway wish me luck !!

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