The Rugby and a Free Bar .... Yikes

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Well, what can I say? I did it. I managed a day out at the rugby with my sister and her new boyfriend with VIP tickets to a swanky hotel, and not to mention the free bar. Yes, a free bar. And yes I did it. Drank diet coke the whole time, socialized and actually enjoyed myself. Actually had my photo taken with no less than Jonathan Davies himself. The rugby was entertaining to say the least... even though we did lose and we managed to leave not soon after the end due to my sister and her boyfriend being at least three sheets to the wind along with my darling husband. I then dropped darling husband home and went off to a dance in Tongwynlais where I danced, drank tea and ate cake. Not bad eh. Will be feeling suitably smug tomorrow .

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