The budgies and the cat.

I think I was young, very young 3 or 4 years old maybe. I remember the house in South View Drive, the garden with the white fence around it, the porch with the steps, the pub opposite at the top of a big hill, think it was called the Rising Sun. The back of the pub had blackberry bushes on it and I would pick them with my friend Belinda, although this memory is before that, i was too young then. I remember how sometimes cars would crash into next door, when driving home after drinking all night, before drink driving got banned. It was an elderly couple that lived next to us on the right and also on the left. I remember the names on the left, Derek and Shirley and their son, Gavin I think, but that's another story. On the left I don't remember what he was called, but I think she was Sylvie or Elsie or something like that. She wore a house slip a lot and had dark longish hair. I remember at least two occasions when a car with a tipsy or drunk driver plowed straight through their brick wall and into their garden.

Now this particular day was warm and sunny. I don't think my sister Ceri was walking, I have this memory of a fat baby with dark hair sat up on the floor with all of her toys...... which would be right as i would have been about 3. My mum, she was very attractive then, with long dark straight brown hair, so straight it was down her back. My memories of my mum was that she wasn't happy. She was never happy always so sad, so cross all of the time and this was one of those occasions, There were concrete steps leading down into a good size back garden that had wire fence and backed onto another garden that was huge and had an elderly coupled their who were avid gardeners. My dad used to stand by the fence and talk to them. Anyway I digress, this particular day, mum had gone outside to peg the washing and my sister and I were in the living room. I assume we must have had toys out and were playing. We didn't notice the black cat that had come into the house, intent on having our yellow budgies for dinner, The budge who I think was called Bobby was happily in his cage on a stand in the corner of the living room. Anyway that's where he was until the cat made a dive for him. The cage and the stand went crashing to the floor and budgie made a run for it. Before I knew it my mum had come running in from the back looking absolutely petrified and screamed when she saw this big black cat rushing around the living room after a terrified budgie. Mum was hysterical I remember her yelling at us , shouting and just generally panicking, Before we knew it she had grabbed my sister and myself and made us go outside in the garden while she firmly slammed the door. Fair play to the cat, he must have made a mess there was budgie stuff everywhere! Anway I remember the cat making a run for it out of the window and the budgie who had broken lose from the cage made a bid for freedom flying around the living room and banging into things. My mum went nuts and shouted at us. I remember her on the phone to Steve was the husband of one of her friends that lived across the road. He had told her to get a towel in order to catch the budgie. I remember it being a yellow budgie. Anyway my mum couldn't catch the budgie, I don't think she really tried that hard to be fair and Steve was duly sent down to catch the budgie. I think that was the start. I never remember my mum being that happy. I remember her being sad a lot of the time and sometimes just angry. If I was ever asked if I thought my mum was happy with her life...... I would say no.


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