The Beginning again - 5 months 16 days 14 hours no alcohol and during lockdown!!!!!!!

When I started out creating this website it was kind of an experiment for me. I decided to give up alcohol and improve my life and use this website as therapy. Then Covid happened. The world changed. It stopped for some, it started for others and it changed for everyone. No-one escaped it. For me, I started doing videos on Facebook for my friends and my family. I even what sapped them to other members of my family and my friends and my mum. So much has happened in the last few months. Its been like a whirlwind. I have changed as a person for the better I think. I enjoy blogging, I really enjoy my videos but I am very conscious of say my children, and other people on Facebook that perhaps don't want to know the ins and outs of my life and so I have decided to transfer my life and my videos over to my site. I am going to link the two, and that way, if people like my videos they can go on my site and watch them, if they don't like them and don't necessarily want to watch them then they don't have to. This way everyones happy. I am more confident doing my videos as I know that only people that want to see them are actually watching them. My son no longer has to listen to my videos. So I will continue to blog and upload videos but to this site, not to Facebook.

My intention is never ever to hurt anyone. I think there are some things on this site that I have said that might hurt people especially perhaps people I am close to and I struggle with that. My relationship with my mum has been a complicated one to say the least, the same could be said of my dad. However we are building bridges for now. Everyone has parents, everyone has or had a mum and a dad and everyone has relationships that are complicated its part of being human isn't it, relationships are hard, challenging, and my way of dealing with complicated relationships is to write about them and I still will, the good and the bad. I hope my mum never hears about my site and my dad thats my worse fear as I don't want to hurt them but I need to be honest with myself.

So from now on there will be videos on here, notes and memories. This is my little thing now not on Facebook but here on my site.

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