Newport Half - Proud Mum Day 24

One of the best things I have realised not drinking is waking up not with a hangover on a Sunday morning. Now don't get me wrong, I wasn't kind of person that drank loads or in excess, I perhaps would have had 3 glasses of wine the night before especially if it was a Saturday night, perhaps almost a bottle. I would wake up at about 3:00am with a dry mouth and sometimes a slight headache. While peeing I would feel guilty for drinking the wine and would then debate on whether I could be bothered to go downstairs for a drink. I normally would as my head would be aching. This morning though Ailysha climbed into bed with us very early at around 5:00am. Now, I am one of those lucky mums who's children all like their sleep so, this is unusual. As I had set my alarm though for 6:00am I decided to get up and was probably just as well as Ailysha promptly threw up once in the kitchen. She has Michael's dreaded bug.

Today is half marathon day and for once, not for me. For Matthew. I am going to support as my best friend and former running partner is running as well so I figured I could support them both along with her husband Darren. My daughter Rebecca always enjoys meeting up with Niahm (Keely's daughter) and the two happily spend a few hours, talking Harry Potter and eating as much crap as they can get their hands on.

Meanwhile I spend the next two hours worrying about my son. Not only did he drink 4 pints of cider last night, he has done hardly any training (unless you could the 4 or 5 , 4 mile runs he has done about a month ago. He has on bloody trainer socks (and they are odd), an old pair of Adidas running shoes, a calve injury, no drink and apparently only 3 or 4 hours sleep. He may die. Matthew is a cocky lad at the best of times. Always has been. Sarcasm is one of his favorite traits so the more I mutter and pull faces on the start line the more he takes the mick out of me "stop worrying mum, I am a machine!" or "are you sure you don't want to check I have my dinner money" which, would be funny however from the age of 11 I insisted that Matthew make his own sandwiches for school. This resulted in Matthew not bothering to do this as he had far more important things to do. He would eat breakfast sometimes (at least before he went through the dreaded teenage sulky smelly stage) and then starve all day. He would be the one kid running down the road at about 4pm busting for a poo (another pastime he wouldn't do in school) this would be quickly followed by him thundering down the stairs asking what was for tea. Then, the boy would just eat and eat and eat until it was time to get him to bed. (which, in my wine drinking days was, as soon as possible) Sorry Matthew. I really could have been a better mum to you and your sister. I often think that if I had given up the wine back then I wouldn't have been so desperate to get my kids to bed so I could have "me" time and I would have enjoyed all those special memories more, such as reading stories before bed etc. Anyway, I digress. The start happens and off they go. And yes believe it or not he bloody went and smashed it! I think his time was 1.50 or thereabouts. Jammy git. He looked strong and powerful all the way through. Imagine what he could be like if he actually took it a bit more seriously??? his friend did really well as well. And so did my bestie. As normal. She is one amazing woman and ran it in 1:39 and still looked fresh as a daisy when she finished. I know she does struggle though but she is amazing at hiding it and she is such a generous person. Never boasts or brags and was just as concerned about Matthew. Keely and I trained for the London Marathon together so we go back quite a long way. She is my best friend. Kind of like my sister. She knows all about me and all the horrors of my parents. In fact I don't think there are many things we haven't discussed.

Anyway. After the marathon, I felt a bit funny. It was really strange being on the cheering side and not the competing side. I actually almost missed my running. No, actually I never liked running but I loved the feeling afterwards. I haven't run for a while now due to health issues or... am I just making excuses? Since giving up alcohol I have put on weight and even though I joined a gym a fortnight ago, I only actually went 3 times and I haven't been since. Running was my thing. .... its easy.... its free (well kind of) and it can fit in with life. If I have a spare half hour its much easier to just decide to go for run.. rather than have to plan to go to a gym class which involved driving there, doing the class and driving home. Much more hassle especially when you have a husband who is self employed and works long hours... childcare is always an issue. Moving forward I got home from the marathon and decided it was high time I went for a run myself. And, I did. It was slow, it was painful but its true what the saying is... my muscles have memory.... or at least that is what I have been told. They easily got into the rhythm of running and burning while going up hills. Perhaps my heart needed some gentle reminding as at one point I think it was beating so hard it was actually desperate to escape my chest wall cavity and do something a lot let intense. However I managed 5 miles! 5 miles and it took me just under 50 minutes.... prob about 47 minutes which is very slow for me but a start. Hence along with the no alcohol thing going on I am now going to go back to running. Not crazy though like before but just enough to make me feel good. Today.... has been a good day.

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