Right guys here is the story so far. My narrating has been a bit of drama, what with getting all the equipment and then learning al the software etc. I now have an account on ACX where anyone can go onto it and find me. I audition for work most nights and upload samples of what I can do and what I have learnt over the past few months. Now I have managed to secure one book which I am super excited about but so far that is it. I have had a lot of rejections and although this common apparently (most people have at least 25 auditions before they secure work) it does make you question yourself and your ability. So I am going to upload some MP3's onto this post and would like your honest opinions. (Once i have figured out how to do it) I will upload the last audition which i haven't heard anything from and its quite funny as I had to have some kind of Scottish accent. (I am absolutely rubbish at accents) however I think I managed it and I actually got a bit better towards the end. I do need a voice coach to be honest but also need to start earning some money before I get one. If you could let me know what you think I would be grateful and please be honest I can take it.

Ok have figured out how to do it. Its on the front page of my website the home page. Half way down I think. For some reason I can't upload MP3 files to this page of the blog.

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