Monday 24th February back to school

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Well, today went relatively well. Hubby and son are away so I was very conscious that I had to get up and get two kids up and downstairs relatively early to greet another 4 children arriving. For those of you that don't know I am a childminder and have children arriving bright and early on a rainy Monday Morning for school. I have to be fresh headed and smiley and happy which, is much easier to do on day 18. Day 18! I am very proud of myself and do feel very satisfied.

I have now spent the last 3 hours, and yes 3 hours I kid you not, setting up this website. I am not a technically minded person and so linking this site to google was a task in itself however this is important to me. I feel its very important to track my progress. For me I never want to touch a drop of alcohol ever again, ever. I love the fact that this site is anonymous. No one really knows me so I can bleat on and on about how hard I am finding it, or perhaps how easy I am finding it and no-one will really know who I am. Kind of like the woman on 'Mrs D is going without". Incidentally, quit lit on audible is really really good. I have actually found a new hobby, listening to quit lit on audible while walking the dogs in this pouring rain. Its actually quite therapeutic. My current book is "the Sober Diaries" and this is actually making me laugh out loud. Funny, as my hair, which is now the longest it has ever been (which isn't actually that long) and very curly, hides my ear phones (purchased from my ex husband) so I now, not only do I look like a crazy woman walking around in a dry robe (a huge long coat that covers you from head to toe ) 4 dogs all getting tangled up and under my feet although I am trying to look like I am in control, I now look like I am laughing like crazy to myself when I listen to something particularly funny in this book. Naturally this will absolutely get back to my husband as we live in a rural village where everyone knows everyone and you can't even sneeze without Mrs Jones up the road commenting Mr Bloggs who then puts it on social media!

Anyway, as I mentioned I am now on day 18, I have no hubby or son at home and now I need to go to walk said dogs and look like crazy woman in the pouring rain before I collect 9 kids from school and entertain them for 3 hours... lucky me oh and a lovely cup of tea to look forward to rather than a glass of wine! I will let you now how I go on!

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