Lots of Laughs - Day 9 of lockdown and 55 days sober

Well its been a crazy few days. We have literally had so much fun just being together. Don't get me wrong sometimes it has been testing but for the most part it has been really good. I have been getting out of my comfort zone and putting some videos on facebook just for my friends to see. Have had loads of comments and laughs and I feel that in some way I am making people laugh while we are all stuck in our homes missing each other.

You never know I may even tag my blog onto my facebook page? Not sure if I am brave enough but you never know. Most people in Usk know me well enough now and to be fair no one else ever really reads my blogs or has ever commented lol. Not having any wine has been actually fine. While I am sitting here the telly is on and the government have now taken to putting government announcements on the tv. Fair play this Corona Virus thing is really really scary. Its absolutely nuts. I still cant believe it's happening.

On a lighter note,

I did however manage to go to Tesco today, have been deliberating about it for some time. Neil is in work till at least midnight today as all his meat orders have come in and he has to box up loads of orders for Usk. I can't complain as he is the only wage earner so, after our Art lesson with Elle Smith where we both drew a hare (Rebecca's was really good) I bundled the kids in the car and drove to Tesco. Now in normal circumstances, I had never would have done this however I decided to leave them in the car while I did the shop. It was really surreal, all of spytti shops were closed and to be fair, Tesco car park was empty. I locked the kids in the car leaving Rebecca with her phone on FaceTime so I could speak to them as I did the shopping. Fair play to Tesco they have put markers all around the shop to ensure that people say 2 meters apart. I was actually quite nervous to be fair. I mentally checked myself when I touched the trolley and made sure I didn't touch my face or anything. Safe to say there was no incidents and we got home after managing to get toilet rolls and replace the Easter eggs that Cody ate the other week.

Rebecca and I have been taking art classes while we have been home, we are really enjoying them, we have discovered local woods to walk the dogs and we are attempting to do some school work. Maths is a bit of an issue and I will post a video up that I uploaded to facebook if you want to read it and have a laugh. Yesterday I also managed to run 11 miles with Matthew, well actually I wasn't actually running with him as speedy gonzallis was about 100 meters in front most of the way until the last 5 miles which he just vanished, he did come back and check on me though. It was a very long and sometimes painful 11 miles, running up to Raglan, past the farm park and back to Usk. I was absolutely exhausted when I got back, ended up spent the night in bed watching telly and eating. It felt good to run so far though.

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