Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Last night we tuned into our Prime Minister Boris Johnson locking down our Nation. Everything has closed, even McDonalds. Its mad. Only essential shopping is allowed and one session of exercise a day. Yesterday was a bit surreal. I spent the day with my kids at home. It was a gorgeous sunny day as was the day before. I have rearranged the play room, and the garden and yesterday I did my bedroom. I am scared though. I am scared for Neil who is working and I am scared for Matthew and especially Natasha. I am scared for my kids and I am scared for me. What I have noticed though is my mood swings have gone. Gone completely. I am so much of a better person not drinking. Matthew and I went for another run last night it was about 11pm and we did the flood route. I ran quite fast and we didn't see a sole. I love running late at night. I love coming back more. Jumped straight in the hot tub when we got back was lovely. I am going to use this time to try and turn it into a positive experience. Do fun things with the kids, spend quality time with them. Maybe slow down just enjoy being at home. As I am typing this out the kids have logged on to You Tube albeit reluctantly and we are doing the Jo Wicks workout bless them. Time for some home schooling now. Will check in later.

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