I am normal!

One thing I have realised is I am completely normal. There are thousands of mums out there just like me and I never realised. Even when I started this blog I didn't realise but by reading and listening to pod casts I reckon there are literally hundreds of us. I hardly ever got drunk. I couldn't stand the losing control bit and I certainly coudln't handle the wine hangover which I swear is worse than any other hangover. On the few occassions I did have a wine hangover, I remember when Kate and William got married ...... that was a bad one,,,, May 19th I think? Well, that was one of the worse hangovers I had ever ever had and god I couldn't get out of bed. I couldn't even get my head off the pillow I was that bad, every time I did, I thought I was going to throw up. I remember this because I was supposed to be driving to Alton Towers with the family for Rebecca's birthday weekend,thats why I remember the date. It was horrific. I can't even remember why I got so drunk, I had gone out on a rare Friday night out to watch Neil play darts. That in itself is virtually unheard of but Neil and I were going through a very rough patch, splitting up rough patch and I decided to make an effort. But nerves had obviously got to me because I ended up having one to many glasses of vino resulting in my major hangover the next morning. What I do remember about that weekend is my daughter Rebecca. She was so worried that I would be too ill to go away for her weekend. She kept coming in to the bedroom and asking how I was feeling. Of course I did my best to reassure her that I would be fine but the anxiety she must have felt all morning was not fair on her especially as it was her birthday weekend. As it turned out we did go away and we had a brilliant weekend and it was one of the few weekends where I had been put off alcohol for most of it. Hence my point, this is why I very rarely get drunk. Although towards the end, I needed those two or three glasses of wine and I reckon there are thousands of women out there just like me. Thousands of them. All those mums that think they could give up if they wanted to but they don't and still drink every day, which is fine. Where I am different I feel is that I couldn't give that up. No way, I didn't want to and I couldn't. Yet every day I had that internal battle with myself every single day I would have the argument in the morning and it would continue all day and by the afternoon Winnie the wine witch would win. So glad I am not drinking during this pandemic. Its hard but I am managing. My videos on facebook are keeping me going............

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