Well frankly today it literally has not stopped raining. In fact over the last month we have had nothing but rain. Houses have been flooded as the UK has been ravaged by storm after storm. That and the corona virus is all that we keep hearing on the news so I am figuring if we don't drown then we could easily die from this new killer virus. Today there have been 3 cases in the UK, 2 in England and 1 in Swansea apparently.

However I have a more pressing issue, I am supposed to be photographing a wedding tomorrow. Its not a biggie for the bridge actually who is a friend from dancing and who, wasn't going to even have a photographer. I am not being paid or anything however I am really excited as I love using my camera. What I am not so excited about is using flash. This is not one of my strong points…. not at all. I am the kind of photographer that I look through the camera and take the photo and generally it turns out alright. Well actually slightly better than alright with minimum editing skills in photoshop. I love taking photographs. To be able to capture that moment and it not actually being a selfie is something I will never grow tired of. Sadly, with today's technology the need for photographers is not as great now as it was. I no longer have my portable studio and I haven't done a wedding for years. Most of my shots are now location shots outside, with no flash and no pressure. If I mess it up who cares? Tomorrow however it does matter and using flash as I am fearing that it will be lashing it down again, is a whole other ball game. This has resulted in my taking lots of practice shots today indoors which have turned out okay although I have had a knot in my tummy for most of the afternoon.

Normally this would result in my having at least a couple of glasses of wine tonight just to ease my nerves but no siree not for me and no cravings either , well not terrible ones. Winnie the witch must be sleeping and long may that continue.

In other news, I have had a lovely week off work during the day as one of my mindees parents is pregnant and has been ill. Its made me think about the future as Ailysha is now in full time nursery and as of September this year she will be going to school which makes me wonder what I shall do. The last year has been tough with the fibro diagnosis and I am thinking a life style change could be on the cards. Maybe I could have more time to spend on my photography and with the dogs. Since giving up wine I have this blog to write and I am trying to find more time to read and my anxiety isn't as bad.

So far so good! Will put a few pics of what I took today only will just have to be my kids as don't have permission to put anyone else's on here.

Happy Friday folks This will be my 4th weekend sober.

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