Day 26 - Spring cleaning or preparing ??

I woke up still feeling sore a combination of almost killing myself running with my 21 year old son, and the fibromyalgia although no dry mouth and and no sneaking downstairs to get a drink and.... this is the best bit...... I am not having too many cravings. This is amazing. This must be the pink cloud that everyone in the sobers field goes on about, and if it is then long may it continue. I am actually feeling good. I am most certainly not losing weight mind, if anything I am putting on weight ... another 2lb and I am now over 10stone. This cannot happen and so I am making a conscious effort to maybe not eat quite so many biscuits and chocolate although I am trying to be nice to myself as I am not drinking so much wine so surely to fucking god that has got to help!!!! All those empty calories I am missing. In the sober diaries, she goes on about how you lose weight after about 3 months so here's hoping. I am hoping my metabolism works itself out. The thing is I have so much against me, I have hypothyroidism and bloody fibromyalgia, I am 45 years old and I have given up wine oh and I have the joys of the bloody menopause to contain with and don't get me started on that. Where are my benefits!!!!!! Well they had better start happening soon. On the plus side, my hair is looking good ..... and its nice I can tell as its getting longer now and very curly (I used to wear it in a pixie cut.. very very short and looking back very unflattering). now I feel I can sometimes get away with not wearing any makeup as my hair hides my face!!!! I suppose on the plus side as well, I don't get any more night sweats. They were horrendous. Though I am not sure whether they were because of the wine the menopause or a bug. They have gone though so I am happy!!

Anyway today I decided to clean out all of the kitchen cupboards and drawers as they were disgusting. Actually my friend Amber kind of gave me the idea as she said that because of this bloody corona virus that people would inevitably start panic buying. This planted a tiny seed in my brain and I thought to myself that if I could make some more cupboard space I would only have to do the dreaded food shop once a month as opposed to once a week. And so this is what I did. My god at one point my kitchen looked like a bomb had hit it. However it is very therapeutic. I then proceeded to go to Aldi to re fill my newly cleaned cupboards... and that, my friends was the highlight of my day. Well that and the fact that Ollie the cat scrammed bloody hell out of me as we tried to bathe him and blow dry him after he had a bit of an accident in the number 2 department.

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