Day 21 trying to be a good mum

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Made it to 3 weeks. Feeling pleased with myself. Still listening to Mummy is a secret drinker on Audible. She said something a few chapters ago and god that was me. She said that now she actually enjoyed spending time with her children and that more often or not her children were awake till 9pm because she just wanted to spend time with them, yet when she was drinking she couldn't wait to get them to bed so she could have "me" time. ie. could drink her wine. That really struck a chord with me. Thats exactly what I was like. Rebecca commented last night that I was in a really good mood lately. I am sure thats because at the moment the Wine Witch Winnie, is quiet and also I have had the days off in the week as the child I normally look after hasn't been and its been amazing! So nice to have a quiet house. Been able to walk the dogs in peace and sit and mess around on this blog. I am thinking that perhaps this is the way forward for me, just to have my after school kids and work some of the holidays yet have the term time in the days off especially as Ailysha is going to school. Anyway food for thought.

I haven't been to the gym now in over a week. Whoops. I mean to ...... but by the end of the day I am shattered and just want to stay home.

The sun is finally shining and I am continuing to read, do things I enjoy and try to be a better mum.

Four hours later and I actually think I am experiencing that fluffy pink cloud that everyone goes on about. I actually think I am happy. Its now 8 0"clock and the I haven't had any cravings at all. The kids are all still up and we have had a lovely evening together. That hot tub was the best thing I have ever bought!!! We spent a good hour in there before Neil cooked me tea. I am actually content. Me!!! content !! Now I know this is still very early days and I have a long way to go but 3 weeks in I am happy. I could even reason with Ailysha at tea time who was her usual argumentative self and actually realize that she was just probably tired and hungry. One biscuit and a glass of milk later and the whining horror child was happy colouring. Go Me!!!

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