Ok well I have had a successful day today. Got up at a reasonable time. For some reason it didn't feel like a Monday and I have had to pinch myself on a few occasions as for some reason it feels like a Thursday to me ... go figure.... cant work out if I want to go back in time or wish my life forward, anyway regardless of that the usual, now normal Monday resumed which involved heading to the bank for neil and generally just trying to get through the day without shouting like a fish wife at my children or dogs or birds or chickens or anything else that is deemed to have a heart beat and a voice.

I went for a nap at around lunch time as was shattered, worked last night till 2.00am and it takes it toll. Of course a woman of my age needs as much beauty sleep as she can get so if this means that I have to have a nana nap half way through the day then so be it.

I did my usual clean up of the house and then the most wonderful thing happened, I logged on to my emails and lo and behold my first 15 minutes for Blood on the Island has been approved!!! OMG!!!! I am amazed and so pleased. This means that I can now actually go on to start producing my audio book. OMG. I am back to being a member of society again. How good is that????

Anyway the rest of the day passed quite peacefully, a nice dog walk with the kids and obviously the dogs and a chin wag with my friend Jane putting the world to rights this evening. Prior to her arrival I messed about with my pond and was actually quite pleased with the results. It actually looks like an authentic pond now. I moved all the big stones I actually owned from the garden and placed them strategically around the pond. They actually look quite good. I have been speaking to this guy via messenger who has said he will come up and look at the pond for me and convinced me not to sell it. He messages me most days with ideas etc, but as usual, it isn' t happening quite as quickly as I would like. However he has said that he will pop up this week sometime.

Tonight however I am back in my office working on my book (feel quite important saying that). One thing I didn't consider however is that Cody has taken to not coming down to the cabin with me, but prefers to spend his time with Meg (probably and hopefully something to do with the fact that she is in season) and so I have been sat in this cabin by myself, narrating a thriller about a body being found on the beach, and not just any body, oh no, a multilated, eyes cuts out of head and hands chopped off body found on a boat. All this is all very well , but when you are narrating in the night, in the cabin with no dog and no other sounds apart from the distant waterfall of the pond, it is, all in all, quite bloody creepy to say the least. That on top of the fact that Neil, is about 5 miles away snoring his head off in bed (quite rightly as its 1.26am in the morning) and quite frankly would be absolutely useless at rescuing his wife if I needed him in an emergency, in fact to be honest it more likely to be me rescuing him........ I am thinking that perhaps, I didn't really think this through............ Nah only kidding, I am actually loving life at the moment. The quiet is absolutely bliss, there are no noises at all, no kids, no tv, no chickens, no dogs, no delivery drivers, no mobile phone, absolutely zilch. Its heaven. What is not to like? And best of all, is I have an excuse to stay in bed in the morning as after all, I am now a very important member of the employment again, working nights!!!! check me out!!!!

Anyway, on that note rather than updating my blog perhaps I should go and do another chapter of the creepy dead bloke on the boat.

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