Bicentennial Milestone reached !!!

Looking at my app I actually had to look up what Bicentennial meant and its means 200 days! 200 days without any alcohol! At all ! None, zilch , nada . Now be being the person I am instead of being chuffed thought well, I have another 165 days to go before its a year. As you can tell I have woken up slightly grumpy today. We are back from camping and it was an experience to say the least. Thinking about it camping is hard work, there is no denying that fact but we did have an experience. I really do think I am the kind of 5 star hotel in a very hot Country lying by the pool all day, kind of person so camping in the great British weather is about as far from that as you can get. However we made some wonderful memories and when the weather was nice it was lovely.

However back home and back to reality. The house was tidyish so Neil and Matthew had made an effort, It wasn't exactly clean by any standards but it was tidy. The bathroom and toilet were minging and took ages for me to clean but other than that it was okay. I didn't get that job I think I wanted and had the email upon my return so was a bit sad about that especially as I had done a few tests and got through all the way to the second interview but hey ho its not meant to be. Oh and the bloody hot tub is broken. Something up with the heater which is a bit worrying but I will call them today. Narrating seems to be going okay. I managed to read the one book on holiday and i am half way through the other book so that's good, and I really enjoy it, I love reading I just fear it isn't going to make me enough money to live on, well not in the immediate future so I do need to find something else to do from home. Although mind you I don't think I can actually fit in another job on top of narrating and kids and animals. So this is where my mind is at this morning which has made me grumpy. On top of that I have to do the hellish shop of getting 3 kids kitted out for school in the form of footwear. Ew. Think I am going to leave that one till Friday. I have to go and collect Michael's football kit so figure shall do the whole thing then.

Anyway following my first paragraph I decided to go back to sleep for a bit as being tired ultimately makes you grumpy. I woke up to this email...............

Hi Dawn I have listened to what you've done so far and - please don't get upset! - I don't think your voice is right for this particular book. As I said before, you have a lovely, natural, warm, musical voice, but this book needs a voice without an accent, that can become clipped and precise when necessary. Take the bit from the Prologue that goes, "Clyde," he barked. His voice should be cold and remote but you have made it sound friendly. And at the start of the book, you pronounce 'turbulent' wrong and it sounds like 'tubular'! I am going to email Next Chapter and delay things, anyway, as I have rewritten a section later in the book and the Audible version should include it. The version of the book you have is the one with the mistakes in. I'm so sorry. I know you have gone to a lot of trouble and I'm pleased you like the book, but I don't think anyone should be recording it until the corrected version is up on Amazon and they have told me that might not happen till early December as they only reissue new versions three times a year. Once again, please accept my apologies.  Best wishes

hence my day is not going well. Two major knock backs in two days and I do kind of disagree with her. How did Clyde know who it was on the other end of the phone? The book is called half a rainbow and I will upload it onto my mp3 page now. If you guys could listen to the prologue and the start of the book and please give me honest opinions I would be grateful. I need to learn so this is the best way. That said it doesn't really matter what I think as its the authors book and she has to be happy with the narrator. Still got another book to do though. Annoyingly as well is that she clearly didn't hear my audition. It must have been the company she uses heard my audition and chose me. She clearly didn't want a welsh accent did she ? Think a lot of time has been wasted however its all a big learning curve isn't it?

Meanwhile I really do think I need to try and stay positive. Once I have one book under my belt I will feel much more confident. I think I am just panicking that I am actually not very good at narrating at all and no-one is brave enough to tell me!

Anyway will upload the MP3's onto the main section of my site and any comments I would be grateful good and bad. I am never going to learn otherwise am I.

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