Bank Holiday Easter Morning

I slept for 12 hours. Virtually unheard of but I just needed to go to bed. I had a bath, left Neil down with the kids watching something on Marvel and I went to bed. I think sometimes you have to do this. Easter Sunday had been emotional, the kids did an Easter Egg hunt and I got them a rabbit called Smudge . Ailysha's little face was amazing. I have set smudge up in the playroom and created a little run for him. He is one of those lovely little friendly bunnies the kids adore him. We also had dramas with Gerry the fish....... will put videos up for you to look so am now currently looking at building a pond out of raised planters. Think if i took my time and didn't get bored I could do a good job.

Neil and I actually sat and watched a movie in the playroom last night. The healer it was called and fair play it was brilliant. While we were watching it the kids did their very own easter trail for mummy and daddy with letters and art work thanking us for a lovely day.

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