Appreciating the little things

Well what an amazing day I had today with my little people. The sun was shining and we have done everything from cooking to playing in the fairy garden, dog walking, hot tubbing, painting the windows, clapping for the NHS, very emotional and generally just enjoying being us. We had tea together and read Harry Potter Chapter 1 together. It really has been such a perfect day. I got the kids some extra pots and pans and some old spices etc so they could go to the fairy garden and make pots. We also created a fairy garden out of an old fish tank...... I put candles in it and running water. It looks really good to be honest.

I think today was the first day I actually started to relax. Neil really irritated me though as the Chancellor came on tonight with a rescue package for us self employed people. The thing is, we can't claim it till June so basically we are going to struggle till then. Thankfully some of my parents are paying me thank god. Neil made a joke when I said I wouldn't be able to pay for the shopping this month. He grinned in his usual way and said "huh you will just have to starve then". This infuriated me, and I told him this. Of course he apologized. I hate being in this situation though. Its never happened before.

At 8pm this evening everyone stood outside their door, clapping for the NHS. It was really emotional.

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