6 months 28 days 1 hour and still unemployed

ok this is where we are at. For the last few weeks I have been bouncing back and forth between different ideas of what I can do to earn some money while i am setting up my narrating.

Firstly narrating is going so well. Or rather, the book I am doing is going so well. Every night I do about 3 chapters of it and I then send them to my dad so he can listen to them every morning. I have improved unimaginably and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. It has b been nice speaking with my dad every day as well and he is so honest. When he thinks i am crap he tells me. I should be finished with the book by the end of the week. The hard part is auditioning. As my accent is quite noticeable and very welsh, it limits what work I can go for. This is proving a tricky milestone to overcome. I audition every night and although I get some really good feedback, I had such a lovely email yesterday from an author, I am still not getting the work. Last night I did register to do voice over work so we will see what comes of that.

Again I did toy with the idea of cleaning, but something is niggling me and I am not sure what. Perhaps its my wrists but I just don't know. Also and I am a bit ashamed to admit, but I am loving my own space, next week I am not going to know myself when the kids go back to school, and I suppose I am being a bit selfish. I just feel that I want to spend my time doing what I enjoy. Maybe I should push my photography? but I also love typing so have been thinking along the lines of setting up my own typing business? I enjoy typing and I am good at it, maybe there is a scope with that? And how would i go about it? I did apply to become a virtual PA but didn't get it (apparently my application was very strong but not successful at this time) don't supposed it helped they are based in LA though.

Anyway onwards and upwards. Will research today how to set up your own business typing and see what comes back.

On the plus side, my juice habit seems to have died down and I am now well and truly out of the habit of drinking every night . I am quite happy to sit at home with a cup of tea or coffee in the evening and I also drink a lot of hot squash now so thats good. I am also caffeine free as well ....... well maybe not completely but almost. Down to about one cup of real coffee a day. My hair has grown quite long and I feel quite feminine for the first time in my life. I actually love my curls. I am a lot fatter now and went for a run yesterday for the first time in about 3 months. I only managed 3 miles but its better than nothing. Need to keep going with that.

Rebecca starts school tomorrow bless her and Ailsyha has her visit. Michael starts Monday.

Matthew passed his fitness test for the marines so super proud of him and Natasha is loving her new job as a neo natal nurse. So everyone is happy and sorted. Neil and I are managing to spend a little more time together as well which is obviously a bonus. We are actually watching a drama together at the moment!

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