5 days

jBee5 days since my last post, another week of lock down, another week of homeschooling and another week of decorating the house just one wall at a time. Its been a good week, challenging occassionally but good. Neil has been doing really long hours bless so haven't really seen much of him. We have been doing English and Maths not a lot but some and we are still reading Harry Potter. I am no closer to getting my pond still in the research phase and I am now 71 days without an alcoholic drink and I am doing okay. Yes I am now a chocoholic but hey ho. Spoken to Natasha most days so all good on that front. To be honest I haven't really got a lot to say. I am very proud of my decorating as it seems to be coming together, I am very proud I am rapidly approaching the 90 days mark and then it will be on to 100. I am reading a really good book by Glennon Doyle called Untamed would definately recomment. I have it on audible and its brilliant. As normal I am doing lots of research re Harry Potter themed bedrooms and also upright ponds. Its mad because I just don't know how people are saying they are bored. I am as busy as ever but just doing different stuff. The day absolutely flies by. And I am shattered by the end of every day. Rebecca has been very challenging lately, I am figuring its her hormones but god alive he is hard work, constantly sassy and argumentative. She has had quite a few strops lately as well. Not like her at all! She is normally my easy child. Honest she had such a strop yesterday that I ended up confiscating all electronics in this house till Monday {Not the best idea but hey ho}

The lockdown has now been extended for another 3 weeks. On a positive note thats 21 days which is basically 21 more walls of improvement in the house. Isnt it mad that how you break it down makes it so much more manageable and not as daunting as the whole house is. If someone had told me 3 weeks ago how much diy I would be doing during this lockdown I would have thought they were nuts but the house is actually starting to come together. Still so so tired though all the time. I am constantly fighting the urg to just have a nap and its hard work trying to motivate myself to go for a run. Got to go in a minute actually as have been nominated to run 5k for NHS workers. Cant beleive its the end of the Easter holidays already. How mad is that!!

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