19th April - Sunday

Time is going by very quickly in the Lewis household. There are at least another 3 weeks of lockdown and I am starting to wonder how I had time to work before all this happened. More to the point I am getting nervous about actually going back to work. Every day I am doing some form of DIY to improve the house and the time is just going by so quickly. The days are taken up with DIY, walking the dogs, school work, reading Harry Potter, doing my videos for facebook and watching twilight in the evening. I don't really get up till about 8:00am. Still feel so tired all of the time. I could easily nap during the day I really could.

I have my PIP interview tomorrow so feeling nervous about that. I can tell I have been a bit nervous about it all day as my joints are sore today. I wish I had a face to face interview as it is easy to see when my joints are sore, over the phone its a bit harder to tell. Plus I don't know how long it is going to go on for and I also need to occupy the kids.... joy. The rabbit I got, smudge has settled in lovely he is such a happy little thing. Kids are all happy and Neil is doing well in work, its like we are all in our comfortable little bubble, however I am missing my friends, just as well I am so busy with my painting projects to keep m occupied. The no wine thing is going okay. Have listened to a few pod casts and audible books, still having wobbles every now and then but on the whole I am good.

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