Other Help

When I  first decided that I needed to give up alcohol once and for all (and admittedly I am still in the very early stages). I decided to get absolutely all the help I could get..... Below is a list of websites, blogs and books that I have read or listened to on audible in order to keep me focused and strong.

Useful books

  1. The Unexpected Joy of being Sober  By Catherine Gray 

  2. Mrs D is going without buy Lotta Dann

  3. The Sober Diaries by  Clare Pooley 

  4. Alcohol Explained by William Porter 

  5. Alcohol Lied to me by Craig Beck 

Blogs that I really enjoyed

One Year No Beer

This is the first facebook group that put the crazy idea in my head.  Its run by two blokes I think and they have a website page as well.   There are a few groups on facebook you can join if you decide to take up the challenge.   One is called One Year no Beer Challengers and the other is called  One Year No Beer , Pirates.   I took on the challenge last year and haven't quite managed a year but I absolutely have every intention of managing it now!   Definately worth a look

Women who don't drink

This is a facebook group I joined that has some useful tips